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Our activities are supported by your donations. When you apply to donate, please choose one of the options ways of supporting below.


Once, or anytime you want

You can donate once, or anytime you want and choose how much money you would like to donate. You can also select the country of support. By sponsoring a project, you are ensuring that more of your donation goes directly to helping somebody living in poverty.

We accept bitcoin for General donation

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Support the children while watching over their growth.

We believe that educating children is the key to lifting them out of poverty in the long run.
This is a program to support the growth of children in developing countries that are supported by GN.
If you apply for being a sponsor, you can support the children while watching over their growth through communication such as exchanging of photographs and letters. You can support by: 2,500 yen a month or 4,000 yen a month.
In order for the children who are in especially poor environment in developing countries to grow up happily and attend school, continuous supports are needed.
We can provide a healthy environment where the children can grow up through the donations from supporters.

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