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Good Neighbors Making The World A Better Place For Children

What is Good Neighbors Japan?

Good neighbors
Good Neighbors Japan (GNJP) is a member of Good Neighbors International(GNI)*,an international NGO.
It opened as legal personality of non-profit organization as Good Neighbors Japan in Osaka in 2004, and moved to Tokyo in 2007.
GNJP supports 8 countries in Asia and Africa providing educational support, medical and health assistance, and supports activities such as vocational training.

*Good Neighbors International (GNI) is an international humanitarian and developmental non-governmental organization in General Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC).
GNI strives to improve lives, especially children's lives, through education, food, shelter, community development, medical care, advocacy, and emergency relief.
GNI has made great strides in its mission by providing people around the world with a better quality of life since its establishment in 1991 in Korea.


A society in which children smile, and in which everyone can live like a human being.


To come together with people from around the world to put an end to the cause of poverty and discrimination, and to remove the threat of disaster and conflict.


GNJP strives to improve children's lives, through education, food, shelter, community development, medical care, advocacy in 8 countries of Asia and Africa, and emergency relief projects.
In Japan, we also provide opportunities for everyone to “KNOW” through exhibitions of photographs of children in developing countries, events of international cooperation, and lecturing activities.

[Overseas Projects]

Field countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Chad


This includes construction and operation of schools and libraries. Good Neighbors provides tutoring and enrichment education, as well as activities to enhance the quality of education, such as teachers subject training. We also conduct adult literacy education.

Health/Medical/Public Health:

Health/Medical/Public Health
In addition to providing health diagnostics and vaccines, Good Neighbors operates day care centers for preschool children, which offer nutritious school lunches.

Water Sanitation:

Water Sanitation
Good Neighbors constructs wells and toilets for hygienic environmental improvement, as well as providing a means of purifying unsafe drinking water.

Income Generation:

Income Generation
Good Neighbors aims to help young people and adults enhance their productivity by leading skill training such as sewing, English, and computer skills, as well as the technical training needed for agricultural technology, fisheries, and livestock.

Emergency Relief:

Emergency Relief
Medical assistance, psychological care, and distribution of food and emergency relief supplies in the event of a disaster.

[Domestic Projects]

Advocacy Activities:

We are making efforts to reduce poverty by telling as many people as possible the problems that the world is facing and encouraging civil society to participate in international cooperation.

Development Education Activity:
We are giving lectures and classes on international cooperation at school in Japan.

Event Campaign:
Implementation of events in World Day against Child Labor Campaign, holding of charity events with domestic and foreign artists such as Korean stars, and exhibitions of photographs in cafes and restaurants.

If there is anything we can do other than activities listed above, we will work on it actively, so please contact us freely.

Board Members

President Rei Fukui (Professor at The University of Tokyo)
Vice president Bocksang Han (Professor at Osaka Sangyo University)
Executive Director Satoshi Koizumi (CEO of Good Neighbors Japan)
Directors Ilha Yi (Chairperson of Good Neighbors International)
Chie Ryu (Secretary General of Benesse foundation for Children)
Eunhwa Kang (Associate Professor at Saitama Prefectural University )
Auditors GwiSeong Hwang (CEO of Inc. HachitoNi)
Legal Adviser Noriyasu Kaneko (Lawyer)
Financial Adviser Shigeki Ebisui (Certified Public Accountant)
Labor Adviser Hirotsugu Asai (Specified Licensed Social Insurance Consultant)